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Emotion Puck Set

A set of 6 emotion stamping and embossing playdough pucks.

One side stamps the emotion symbol and the other embosses the emotion’s word. Combine the stamps to easily build up an invitation to play emotions scene or explore emotions with your little ones.


Happy (yellow)
Sad (blue)
Surprised (white)
Worried (green)
Love (pink)
Angry (red)

Extra round cutter to cut out your designs. Simply slip it over the playdough puck while it’s in place and cut it out, helping maintain the shape of the design when you remove the cutter.

Easy to grip curved-edge puck design makes both using and picking up the pucks a breeze, leaving the dough scratch-free. Size: 5.8cm across by 1.5cm deep. All our playdough pucks, rollers and cutters are UKCA tested and eco friendly by using PLA plastic.

*Not suitable fo Children under 3 years due to small parts which may pose a choking hazard

The best way to clean your playdough accessories or 3D printed items is with warm water and a toothbrush. Please do not put your 3D printed items in the dish washer or in high temperatures as this will warp the plastic.


Sold out!

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